I am living in San Diego, California. In the past few years alone, I have attended language courses in Nice, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Brussels, Cairo, Berlin. In June, I attended the Chatham House event Cyber 2017 where I met world leaders and sat at panels to discuss cyber security and the future of a collective, international cyberspace. In October, I attended the Arab U.S. Association for Communication Educators 22nd annual conference on Journalism and Mass Communication in the Arab world.

Click here to download my eBook, which is a collection of my short stories and poetry.

I am currently enrolled in Praxis, which is an intensive business program, and am working daily towards my goals of working in the media and journalism industry. I have a lot on my plate right now but I’m up to the challenge. Here are posts that speak about my experiences with Praxis and with an alternative education in general:

Challenging Convention and Post-Secondary Education in America

Praxis in Egypt: The Ups and Downs

My Top Three Skills

A New Type of  Travelling: Academic Tourism

I’m also working on a project called ‘Home Is Where The Art Is’ where I explore different styles of art and certain artists. I travel all throughout Europe and the Middle East, visiting many museums and reading many books. Every so often, I publish an article or video talking about a specific style of art. Here is the first content from H.I.W.T.A.I.

Surrealism with Magritte and Folon

Home Is Where The Art Is: Ghent Altarpiece

The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb

Praxis encouraged me to do a “Portfolio Project” for the month of November. I decided to analyze marketing and communication techniques while using Facebook as a platform. Here are the articles related to the project.

Praxis Portfolio Project: Language School Marketing Tactics

Portfolio Project Update: Flipping the Coin

Final Portfolio Project: Using Facebook As A Marketing and Communication Tool

A Run Down on Marketing and Communication Through Facebook

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