Bucket List

If you have been reading my website for a while, you will know how ambitious I am. I love to travel, learn languages, and challenge myself. I want to live my life as best as I can and I don’t want to be 90 years old, wishing I had done everything I wanted to do with my life. I’ve had a bucket list running since I was a pre-teen. Some of the items I have checked off. However, the majority of the list is still unaccomplished. I refuse to die until I’ve done everything on this list 🙂

Here is the bucket list that I have kept going for ten years:

  1. Skydive
  2. Have High Tea at the Ritz Carlton in London
  3. Trek the Inca Trail
  4. Learn how to read music
  5. Be in a protest
  6. Cook pasta from scratch
  7. Help build a house for charity
  8. Run a marathon
  9. Leave myself a letter in a book, look for it in 20 years
  10. Ride a horse on the beach
  11. Be in a flash mob
  12. Learn how to shoot a gun
  13. Donate blood
  14. Become a professional stand up comedian
  15. Take a vow of silence for a day
  16. Learn how to play the piano
  17. Be on SNL
  18. Have a holiday in a small house in rural England
  19. Do the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London
  20. See Iguazu Falls in Brazil and Argentina
  21. Live in a canal-side house in Amsterdam
  22. See the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul
  23. Learn Russian
  24. Visit the DMZ and Seoul, Korea
  25. Ride bikes around Copenhagen
  26. Adopt a child
  27. See the Pyramids of Giza
  28. Go scuba diving
  29. See The Adoration of The Mystic Lamb in Ghent, Belgium
  30. Make my own wine in Tuscany
  31. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway
  32. Go inside the catacombs in Paris, France
  33. Get my motorcycle license and get a scooter
  34. Sandboarding in the Namib Desert
  35. Camel Trekking in Morocco
  36. Go surfing in Bali
  37. Explore every island of Hawaii
  38. Road trip Australia with Tanvir
  39. Visit the tulip fields in Holland
  40. Nightlife in Warsaw, Poland
  41. Clubbing in Ibiza
  42. Meet Christina’s family in Japan and explore the country with her
  43. Swim in the Red Sea
  44. Do something to protect marine life
  45. Start my own charity
  46. Act in a film
  47. Write a novel
  48. Knit a scarf
  49. Create my dream home
  50. Volunteer at hospice
  51. Explore a cave
  52. Be a mentor to someone
  53. See the Northern Lights
  54. Go on a meditation retreat
  55. See Cherry Blossoms in Japan
  56. Meet The Lonely Island
  57. Go parasailing
  58. Visit a volcano
  59. Fly in a helicopter
  60. Learn sign language
  61. Be in a sensory deprivation tank
  62. Explore a ship or airplane wreck underwater
  63. Go Flyboarding
  64. Experience Zero Gravity in Boeing 727
  65. Relax in Iceland’s geothermal pools
  66. Go cage diving with Great White Sharks
  67. Take a hot air balloon ride
  68. Sail around the world on a boat with people I love
  69. Attend burning man
  70. Go on a safari
  71. Give a TED Talk
  72. Ride a gondola in Venice
  73. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Time Square
  74. See a show on Broadway
  75. Go zip lining
  76. Swim with dolphins
  77. Learn how to surf
  78. Take a boat ride through the Everglades
  79. See the Taj Mahal
  80. Do stand up comedy in NYC
  81. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  82. See Washington D.C.
  83. Meet Barack and Michelle Obama
  84. Take part in the Holi Festival in India
  85. Walk the Great Wall of China from beginning to end
  86. Celebrate the Festival of Lights in Thailand
  87. Travel with Erika
  88. Tour GooglePlex (headquarters)
  89. Do whitewater rafting
  90. Go to Machu Picchu
  91. Bungee jump over a canyon
  92. Sleep in a haunted house
  93. Direct my own movie
  94. Go to Comic-Con in a costume
  95. Be a voice on a cartoon or movie
  96. Explore the Amazon
  97. Do past life regressio

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