Back in Encinitas for the Holidays

It’s been strange being home. I booked my flight only a month before and I hadn’t realized how unprepared I was to be home. It’s been like a dream to see my family and closest friends. I love the smell of our Christmas decorations and the smell of quesadillas coming from the kitchen. I love sitting in a small coffee shop, sipping a perfectly perfected cup of iced coffee, and walking my dog around the neighborhood.

It’s weird for me to be driving; the last time I drove was in Ireland and it was a nightmare. I’m in heaven when I’m eating In n Out and any Mexican food. Seeing my friends from my youth and people I’ve almost exclusively communicated with online.

I used to be keen to get away from this town. But the more I left, and the more I came back, the more I realized how truly fortunate I am to live in Encinitas, California. It’s a small town, a sunny paradise filled with good food and coffee, and the people I love.

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