The Power of a Friend

When I was in Brussels studying French in the fall, I just had one friend. We hung out a lot but she left before me and then I was alone. I’ve traveled alone a lot, so this wasn’t that new to me. I did the usual. I went to museums, wrote poetry at coffee shops, and took trips to smaller towns outside the city. A bit of loneliness hung over me, but it was not a foreign feeling.

Now I’m here in Egypt, and I have so many friends. The last time I remember having a lot of friends was the summer after I graduated high school. Here, I have even more. My quality of life has increased tenfold. I live alone, so I can still be with my thoughts when I need to be. But I rarely eat dinner alone and go out multiple times a week.
I’m really happy. After being alone for so many months, Cairo has been a breath of fresh air (not literally, because of the heavy pollution.) I have a life here. It’s been like a dream. I know moving to my next city for my apprenticeship will be hard, but I’m determined to find a tribe there as well.

I realized that I didn’t really try to make friends in Brussels. So when I’m in my next city, I’m going to make the effort. I’ll find an improv group and branch out. I want to try something new every week. I want to surprise myself. Having friends, a lot of friends has made me so happy and even confident in myself. If these many people want to hang out with me, I can’t be that bad. I’m ready to make the effort in my next city and I’m excited to see what happens to me next.

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