Praxis Portfolio Project: The Mimic Method, FluentU, and Expanish

In this part of my project I’m going to be examining the language schools Mimic Method, ExSpanish, and FluentU.First off, I studied The Mimic Method’s Facebook. Pinned at the top was a description of their company and a link to their website. They had 3,800 followers but I noticed that they had pretty low user engagement. Their posts were pretty steady. They had live stream Q and A’s, polls, helpful blogposts about language learning, and positive student testimonials. I noticed that their ten most recent posts had triple the user engagement than the previous ones. Also, compared to the amount of likes they had, they received a large amount of shares on their posts.

The Mimic Method had posted more than 40 videos on their Facebook page and that’s where I saw the most activity. They racked up tens of thousands of likes, with certain videos drawing in more than 8,000 views. This was easily the most effective form of communication with their followers. I found also found their Instagram; they had 79 followers but no posts. It was a dead end. All in all they seemed to be gathering some momentum on their Facebook with their posts becoming more frequent and user oriented.

Now Expanish has a slightly different approach to Facebook. The top of their profile shows a lot of information on the company, including Facebook user ratings, a lengthy description of the programs they offer, and a list of upcoming events. The first thing I noticed is that they have about double the likes as The Mimic Method. Expanish posts a lot of photos of happy students with their diplomas and events they’ve hosted at the school.

They occasionally post articles about studying abroad or language learning, but those had low user engagement. Every so often, I found a high quality video of students talking about why they chose the school and their experience there. I noticed that the posts that talked about their students or showed photos of them got the most likes and shares. One thing I think they did well is include hashtags in all of their posts. Obviously if someone searches one of them on Facebook and Expanish has the most likes for that post, they will be brought up first and bring more traffic to their page.

Their Instagram had nearly a thousand followers and very high user engagement. I imagine this is due to the frequency people check Instagram and how easy it is to see each post. It will be easier to find a photo on Instagram that has more likes because it will be pinned to the top of the newsfeed. Once again, their most popular photos are the ones that feature the students.

Lastly, I analyzed FluentU. Right off the bat I saw that there was very little personalization on their page. They have nearly 10,000 likes but incredibly low user engagement. Nearly every post they have has very few likes and is just a link to an article that has been posted on the website. Often, their are no likes at all. The page seems very bland and basic, which is why, I assume, they are not interesting their audience. FluentU also did not have an Instagram.

I found this research to be enlightening and interesting, as someone who is interested in marketing. It makes a huge difference on how much the audience interacts with a company, simply by adding more personal touches to the post. I’m looking forward to checking out the next three companies!

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