Praxis Portfolio Project: Amira Language School, Apple Languages, and International House

I’m nearly done with my research for my project on social media communication for language schools and I’ve learned so much! I’m noticing the difference that professionalism, personalization, and consistency make when you’re trying to engage with your audience. This will be my last blog post on my findings before I complete my project. The last companies I will be comparing are Amira Language School, Apple Languages, and International House.

The first one I looked at is the course I attended in September and October of this year: Amira Language School. They have only one location, so I didn’t expect them to have that many followers. At first, it was what I had predicted. There was low user engagement and their posts weren’t always their original publications, but rather links to other websites. However, I was taken by surprise when a short status about how it’s time to learn French had nearly 50% of their followers reacting and sharing the post.

Though they didn’t receive many likes or comments, I noticed that a lot of their posts were links to podcasts, videos, movies, articles, and songs in French. From my side, I’m unable to see how many people actually clicked on the links. But considering how relevant they are to learning French, I have to imagine that they did pull in some traffic. The school also hasn’t been around for a long time, so I suspect that they will get more engagement as their student base grows.

Next, I looked at Apple Languages. The first thing I saw were their Facebook ratings. They had a 4.2 but the first reviews I saw were very negative. They have 2,800 likes but 2,700 followers, which indicates that their posts are that satisfactory. They posted a lot of articles about traveling and language learning but received virtually no responses. This was interesting to me because I found the content they posted to be really relevant to language learning and cultures around the world. I was really surprised to see that they seemed to only have three likes total on all of their posts. In my final project, I hope to explain why this is.

Finally, having attended International House in Nice, France and here in Cairo, I’m excited to say that their Facebook page seems to be the most successful of them all. They have 15,000 likes, not much more than Expanish, but the amount of likes and shares they get is a testimony to how far an organized and well thought out social media platform can get you. International House is a much larger organization and has been around for a long time now, but they have perfected how to communicate with their audience.

Each one of their posts has a personal touch, while maintaining their professionalism. They post video testimonials of other students that are produced and edited well. Though they don’t post that many, they get a lot of views on each video. When they announced their journal for the program, they got a record number of “shares” from the audience. They have weekly posts like “motivation Monday” and “quote of the week” that also get high user engagement.

The post that even I shared on my profile was a photo on how to say goodbye in twelve different languages. It had cute characters for each language and easy pronunciation.

So that’s the information that I gathered through the Facebook pages of the schools. Each of them were so very different and I found that rather interesting. Later today I will post my final project. I can’t wait!

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