Portfolio Project Update: Flipping the Coin

For my November Portfolio Project, I was planning on analyzing the email marketing techniques of the language schools I mentioned in the previous article. However, the deeper I got into the project, the more unsure I became. ExSpanish doesn’t have a newsletter, the Mimic Method sends an overwhelming amount of emails that aren’t that engaging, and International House has dozens of different newsletter rather than a general one for the whole company. I realized that these days the email newsletter game is a bit out of date. Emails are out and social media is in. 

Every company I’ve been researching has a part of their website dedicated to all their social media. These include links to all the Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram accounts and some screenshots of what their account entails of. 

When I followed the links, I found pages with thousands upon thousands of likes. Their audience is way more engaged through their social media platforms. I assume because it’s easier to access the information when you’re on Facebook and Instagram rather than adding yet another email to your reading list. Please check their social media to get multiple updates at once, so it makes sense that marketing through them would be way more affective. The past two weeks or so I’ve been watching how these companies interact with their audience through social media. Among other things, I keeping an eye on user engagement, advertising rhetoric, and the reactions and amount of likes or shares on the post. 

Besides using this data for my Portfolio Project, it is also really enlightening as a marketer-to-be and a social media user. I’m hoping to use social media to advertise and market the next company that I work for. Like everything in life, marketing is changing and evolving to meet the public’s needs. I’m excited to develop my own style of social media marketing and to share my research with you.

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