Praxis and Egypt: The Ups and Downs

As some of you may know, I’m a student in a program called Praxis. As a college opt-out, Praxis is an exciting opportunity for me to create my personal brand and to guide me through my professional development. With the program, I’ll learn how to operate programs like Facebook Ads and Excel, take courses on economics and create a strong social media presence. My courses started in September and although they are very interesting and engaging, I have had some difficulty with the online meetings. You see, I live in Egypt, where there is a six-hour time difference between New York and a ten hour time difference from my family in San Diego.The modules are stimulating and enlightening, and I enjoy discussing them with my advisors and peers. However, I always have to stay up until three in the morning just for the meeting to start. Because of this, I’m not always on my best performance and am always exhausted. I feel like because of this I have a disadvantage. The other students are wide awake and ready to fully participate in the group discussions.

I always want to participate but am not able to give my best performance. I feel a little self-conscious about this because I want my input to be a reflection of my intelligence and it isn’t. The time difference is really the most challenging part of the program.

On the upside, I am a student here in Cairo and have a lot of free time to work on my deliverables. I attend an Arabic language course six hours a day from Sunday to Thursday. Other than the courses and some extracurricular activities, I have plenty of time to work on Praxis. I really enjoy this because I like to take my time on the projects so that they are the best work I can give. I’m not restricted from having a job as well and can sometimes give ten full hours a week to explore my creative side, write articles and make videos.

Only two months into Praxis and I have already gained invaluable skills and met some really interesting people. I’m so eager to start the November modules and to continue to develop my personal brand. In the coming months, I will be taking some weekend trips from Cairo. I’ll be visiting Alexandria, Luxor and the Red Sea as well as spending Christmas with my family in Europe. I’ll be producing more videos and articles about my experience as well as working more with my new series called ‘Home Is Where The Art Is.” With HIWTAI, I explore different styles of art and how they can influence our lives. As I am in Egypt, the next few segments will be geared towards Islamic and Ancient Egyptian art.

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