My Top 3 Skills

1. Communication

I have always loved show business. My father’s side of the family are all actors and I myself dabbled around the acting community in my youth. I performed plays at a prestigious theatre in downtown San Diego while also taking private acting lessons. At thirteen, I had landed an agent and was going to auditions all over Hollywood. I learned how to take advantage of my nerves and turn them into a powerful stage presence that would captivate my audience. I carried these skills all throughout high school and the years after. I starred in school plays, played on a competitive improv team, and even taught acting classes at the local elementary school. This was years ago, but I still use these skills every day.

When addressing individuals or crowds, I have a strong voice, eye contact, and refrain from filler words. I make sure everything I say is precise and powerful. This has resulted in people giving me their full attention and respect, which goes a long way in many aspects of my career and personal life. On the other hand, I’ve learned even more from the people around me than I ever did in theatre camp or acting class. I try to surround myself with happy, positive, and intelligent people who I genuinely enjoy being around. Through their friendship over the years, I’ve learned the invaluable acts of being selfless and empathetic. Every day I strive to live in the light. I do my best to see things from other people’s perspectives, to be understanding, and to acknowledge the privilege I have been given in my life.

When I realized the power of my words, my interactions with people changed drastically. When I started to listen, instead of just waiting for my turn to speak, and give someone my full attention, I began to see a change in other people as well. What you give to others, you get in return. I have been able to form stronger relationships from this and it is an aspect of my character that I am truly proud of.

2. Linguistics and Cultural Understanding

I have a unique talent for learning languages that started at a very young age. Today, I speak French, German, Italian, and am currently studying Arabic. One of the reasons I’ve studied so many languages is that I find speaking with someone in their native language, that isn’t English, to be exhilarating. I began speaking French when I was six and spent time studying the language in Switzerland, France, and Belgium.

I’d say it’s my strongest language after my native English. I’ve studied German since fourteen and Italian since I was twenty. There is a thrill that comes with speaking a foreign language to someone that has become addicting. I have spent over eleven months over the past three years studying languages abroad.

In fact, I am currently in Egypt studying Arabic. What people don’t seem to realize is that learning a language requires a number of skills. It isn’t just learning vocabulary. It’s sentence structure, recognizing patterns, logic, and intuition. It takes dedication. Every day, I spend six to eight hours studying any given language. It is so stimulating that I feel I’ve become more skilled in other areas such as math and English grammar.

As a result of living abroad in Europe and the Middle East, I have a great understanding of the culture over here. I memorized everything from what to wear, to hand gestures and how to speak formally in many different circumstances. I feel very comfortable getting anywhere around Europe and am slowly making my way to that level of comfort in Egypt. All of my linguistic skills and cultural understanding plays into my communication.

I’ve spoken to people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. I know exactly how to speak to someone whether they be a young Egyptian boy, an old German grandpa, or a middle-aged French banker. They all require a different attitude and a different style of communication. Learning these languages and living abroad has changed how I view the world.

I am comfortable speaking with many different kinds of people and even understand the behaviors of foreign social media. Nelson Mandela once said, “If you speak to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you speak to a man in his language, it goes to his heart.” I have experienced this and it has become my ultimate truth.
3. Motivation

I’m always busy with a million things to do and it could be easy enough to not give my best effort in order to get more things done. My motivation is what keeps me going. When I set my mind to something, I give it my full attention and effort. I’m that person that always wants to go above and beyond in everything they do, even if they’re just for myself. I have spent hours researching articles on vampires or the legend of omens to ensure it is thorough, informative, and enjoyable.

I’ve worked twelve-hour shifts at minimum wage to bake the last minute order of six hundred sugar cookies. I would rather put in more effort and time to make one project perfect than taking the same amount of time to make three projects of mediocre quality. I love the feeling of being proud of myself. At the end of the day, I want to know that I gave my best effort, even if the end result isn’t what I hoped it would be.

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