Travel Hacks Masterpost

Hey guys! If you didn’t know, I made a YouTube video on how you can budget for traveling. I wanted to make a master post for you guys with the rest of my tips, as well as a list of apps that I have found helpful.

1. Airplanes are dry and cold! I will always bring two pairs of socks, a big comfy jacket, and a small container of coconut oil. Your nose is going to hurt from constant stale and gross air, and your face is gonna feel dry too. That’s what the coconut oil is for 🙂
2. Water bottle! You don’t want to be the person on the flight who is constantly asking the flight attendant for water.
3. Book your flights on certain days. Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at 1 a.m. are the best times to buy flights. You can usually save up to 30% then!
4. Grocery stores will be your best friend. Eating out all the time adds up, and you can extend your travels by making your own meals and snacking!
5. In a lot of cities, the first Sunday’s of the month offer free entry to all state museums. USE THIS.
6. Make sure you always count your change. A lot of people will try and give you less change if they can tell you’re a tourist because they think you won’t notice. If they try to rip you off – call them out!
7. Don’t walk around the street looking confused with a giant map in your hand. it makes you a target for pickpocketers.
8. Before you leave a wifi area, download your route on GoogleMaps, and it will still work even after you’ve left the wifi zone.

1. – For booking flights!
2. – For booking flights!
3. – For picking a hostel. This will show you ratings, reviews, locations, pictures etc. of the hostels. But, you should try to book directly from the hostels’ website, as they pay a fee on every purchase made through Hostel World.
4. – Global house sitting matching service!
5. – Global au pair, nanny, and babysitting matching company. MAKE SURE YOU SPEAK TO PREVIOUS WORKERS BEFORE COMMITTING TO A FAMILY!!!
6. – Stay on people’s couches or in their spare rooms for free! It’s usually nice to bring them a gift such as a bottle of wine, flowers, or to take them out to dinner. Don’t make them feel used. Also, try to get as many positive reviews and recommendations, as this will make it easier to find matches.
7. – This website shows you people who are making trips between cities. You can apply to carpool with them, for a small fee. Usually costs around $8-$30 for a normal day, depending on the locations and time of day.
8. – World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms. Pretty self-explanatory.
9. – Free city tours!

Eastern Europe, South Korea, Portugal, India, and China! All of those are places on my travel bucket list that get skipped when people are planning vacations. These locations are less expensive than mainstream cities like Paris or countries like Australia, both of which are a lot more costly.

1. City Tours – This lets you download maps so that you can use them offline. Save your hostel, school, favorite restaurant and you’ll always be able to get directions to and from, even if you don’t have wifi.
2. WhatsApp – Popular messenger app that will let you contact your travel buddies!
3. Currency Converter – Also self-explanatory.
4. Rail Map – download offline maps of public transport.
5. Google Translate – Google has a really elaborate translation app! You can even translate signs by the selection that feature and holding your camera over it.
6. Wifi Map – People will post cafe and restaurant wifi codes on these, so you don’t need to ask. This is especially helpful if you don’t want to pay, and just want to stand outside and steal their wifi 😉

That’s all for now, folks. Hope you find this useful! Tag me in your travel posts on Instagram: @elenalovegood

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